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Dorie Kim

UROR Manager, Steering Committee Member

Born and raised in Provo, Utah, Dorie worked as an elementary school teacher in the Provo City School District after graduating from BYU. As a mother and former educator, Dorie has a passion for advocating for equity and inclusion in schools. One of her favorite projects is working alongside her 11-year-old daughter on The Emi Project, which focuses on placing diverse and inclusive books in Utah schools.  She has also worked on various committees, including the PCSD Asian American Parent Committee and the PCSD Superintendent Selection Committee and is currently serving on her local School Community Council. Dorie and her husband are proud parents of four children.  In her spare time, she likes to listen to music and podcasts, do yard work, spend time with her friends and family, and eat all the best foods.

“Growing up in the Utah school system as a Japanese Hawaiian student, and later as an educator, I have seen how even the most well-intentioned people can cause harm through unconscious bias. Learning about the experiences of other marginalized groups of people has helped me to reflect and uproot my own biases. I strongly believe that advocacy work is most sustainable and impactful when done in community, and my hope is that we can come together as Utahns to examine the ways we can uproot racism within ourselves and in our community so that our kids can thrive in a safe and inclusive place that fosters belonging.”

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